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Portsmouth Online Driving Courses

Our Online Courses Portsmouth

Parent Teen Class Online Course

$ 75

Learn the Best Driving Skills

  • Getting a Learner’s Permit and Teaching Your Teenager to Drive
  • Requirements for a Provisional License and the Graduated Driver License
  • The Developing Teenage Brain and the Risks of Teen Driving
  • Factors to Consider Like Fatigued Driving, Distracted Driving, Drinking and Drugged Driving, Speeding, and Safest Vehicle
  • Interaction with Law Enforcement (Getting Pulled Over and the Move Over Law)
  • The Importance of Parents (Revisited)
  • The Parent-Teen Safe Driving Agreement
  • Final Test
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Driving Improvement Clinic Online Course

$ 100

Driving Improvement Clinic Online

  • Get five (5) good points on your driving record.
  • Get a ticket DISMISSED or REDUCED in traffic court
  • Get a lower auto insurance premium
  • Prevent license suspension or reinstate license with DMV
  • Traffic court preparation, tips and guidance.
  • Improved knowledge of practical and effective defensive driving strategies
Note : After Registration, Please Pay By VENMO, ZELLE Or Credit Card Then Our DMV Approved Vendor Will Send You The Link To Start This Course. Thanks!!



Get five (5) good points.

We have a new online class just for you.
It’s convenient, simple and easy.

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Re-Examination Course Three Time Permit Tests Failed Course

$ 185

For those who have failed permit test thrice.

  • $185 for 8 hour reexamination course for permit exam 3 times failed ( All Online)
  • Required by DMV
  • Certificate is issued upon completion
  • The prices may vary by area
  • For all ages.
Note : After Registration, Please Pay By VENMO, ZELLE Or Credit Card Then Our DMV Approved Vendor Will Send You The Link To Start This Course. Thanks!!

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How iDriveNova Can Help You

Some of the 'other guys' charge extra for features... Not us!
You get it all with one low price and no hidden fees.


Become a Safer Driver

Boost your driving proficiency with expert guidance, interactive lessons, and hands-on practice for a safer and more confident experience.


Dismiss a Citation

Resolve traffic citations effectively through our specialized courses, empowering you to navigate legal requirements and maintain a clean driving record.

Reduce Insurance Points

Reduce Insurance Points

Lower insurance premiums by mastering defensive driving techniques and acquiring the skills needed to minimize points on your driving record.


Obtain a Learner's Permit

Secure your learner's permit efficiently with our comprehensive courses tailored to help you ace the necessary tests and requirements.


5 Star Support

Count on our exceptional 5-star support, providing dedicated assistance and guidance throughout your entire learning journey for driving success.


99% Success Rate!

Achieve your driving goals confidently with our proven track record boasting a remarkable 99% success rate for all learners.

Which Online Driving Courses Does iDriveNova Offer in Portsmouth, Virginia?

  • iDriveNova is offering benefits to individuals looking to improve their driving records. This course can help you gain the 5 safe points as a good driver reward in Portsmouth, Virginia. These online courses allow you to maintain a clean driving record with an approved completion certificate. These online driving improvement classes can help you get a spotless driving record, a valid Virginia driver’s license, and five safe driving points from the DMV. Completing the Driving Improvement Clinic provides you with a spotless driving record and lowers your insurance rates.

    To complete this course, individuals must complete an 8-hour online driving course in order to practice road rules and prevent losing their driving privileges. Also, many insurance companies provide a good discount to customers who complete the driver improvement course. iDriveNova provides an online program approved by the Virginia DMV to help individuals learn traffic rules and obtain the completion certificate to receive advantages like 5 safe points and avoid license abeyance.

    Portsmouth’s Driving Improvement Program

    Earn up to five safe driving points.

    Insurance discounts

    Eight hours of instruction

    Work at your own speed and on your own time.

    Individuals of any age can take an online driver improvement clinic course in Portsmouth.

    This course will teach you how to keep a clean driving record. Individuals can take this course once every 24 months to improve their driving records. Individuals with demerit points who want to clear their records can use this course to earn five safe points every 24 months for driving safely and exercising excellent driving habits. These five safe points can offset your demerit points, protecting you from losing your driving privileges. As a result, the DMV and courts have made this course obligatory in order to obtain your license, decrease the fine, or prevent suspension, which costs no more than $100.

  • If you fail the knowledge exam three times, you may be prohibited from retaking it until you have completed the classroom portion of driver’s education. To prepare for the knowledge test, individuals aged 18 and up may take an 8-hour Driver’s Manual course online about the Virginia driver’s manual. The Re-Examination Course aims to reduce future driving offenses and accidents. This course should be completed at a DMV-approved online driver training school.

    In order to help people be ready to retake the DMV knowledge exam, this course provides in-depth classroom instruction covering the subject matter included in the Virginia driver’s manual. This course involves understanding the various types of traffic signs on Virginia roads, safe driving techniques, and current driving laws.

    After completing the online course in Portsmouth, participants will be given a certificate of completion. This certificate demonstrates acceptable completion of the driver education classroom requirements. Show the DMV this certificate, and they will let you repeat the knowledge test.

    Completing this course is necessary to receive a certificate and display it to the DMV, which allows you to take the knowledge exam. To obtain a driver’s license, you must pass this exam.

iDriveNova Online Driving Courses Portsmouth, VA

iDriveNova is part of Nova Driving School, VA. It provides online driving courses and Re-Examination Courses Three-Time Permit Tests Failed Courses. Our platform helps you take online driving courses with all the necessary knowledge to fulfill the requirements of the DMV. iDriveNova is a DMV-approved driving school. We provide a convenient online option with several key benefits.

iDriveNova is the best driving school in Portsmouth, VA, that caters to the needs of modern drivers by providing ease in learning road rules and maintaining a good record.

If you have difficulty passing the permit test three times, we offer the Re-Examination Course in Virginia. The course, administered by the DMV, is an 8-hour class designed to improve your understanding of safe driving practices and Virginia road rules that meet the DMV rules. Also, many insurance providers offer discounts for successful course completion, making it a financially wise choice.

Our course covers aspects of driving, emphasizing the importance of the five safe driving points mandated by the DMV. (Every year, you get one safe point that is rewarded to you as a responsible driver who ensures safety on the road.)

Individuals can apply for the re-examination course, which will give them the course completion certificate, which you can show to the DMV. Through this, you can re-attempt the knowledge test. Get your five safe points today and make your driving record spotless without demerit points.

iDriveNova is the right place to eliminate negative points or license suspensions. We provide DMV-approved certificates that help you maintain your driving license and the five safe points.

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Abhishek Masiwal

One of the best driving school . The instructor is very calm and pleasant. Very much flexible on scheduling. Passed my driving test on the first attempt. Definitely would 100% recommend NOVA. 🙂


Fair Oaks

Veni Punia

I bet this place is awesome


Fairfax station

Laila Sharif

Mr. Farouq is incredibly patient and taught me literally everything I know about driving. Every session is thorough, and you’re taken along multiple different kinds of roads so you gain experience. Classes cover pretty much everything, and I can guarantee you’ll be a much a better driver after your session!


Fairfax County

Ashley Tern

Great instructor and helpful course. The tips allowed me to pass my driving test on the first try. Highly recommend!



Valencia Scott

Respectful and punctual. My daughter had a great experience driving with this company. Nitan was very kind and shared great driving tips with my teen.



Hanna Solomon

Thanks for your time I know that I made a lot of mistakes I hope I will be a good driver in the future thanks again.


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