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iDriveNova is part of Nova Driving School VA, which is one of the best DMV-approved driving schools in Virginia. This website is for DMV-approved online driving courses for all VA states.

Are you looking forward to applying for online driving courses in Virginia?

Well, then, you can stop your research now, as we are here to provide you with brilliant master classes to conquer your driving skills. iDriveNova is the perfect driving school in Virginia for getting the mesmerising experience to improve or sharpen your driving skills. At iDriveNova driving school, we offer comprehensive online driving courses explicitly designed for individuals seeking to improve their driving abilities and confidently pass their re-examinations.


Why choose iDriveNova driving school online driving courses?

iDriveNova is part of Nova Driving School VA, which is one of the best DMV-approved driving schools in Virginia. This website is for DMV-approved online driving courses for all VA states.

We understand your time is valuable, so we offer the flexibility of learning at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Our interactive modules, engaging videos, and real-life scenarios will help you understand the road rules, defensive driving techniques, and essential traffic laws specific to Virginia. iDriveNova driving school offers a wide range of coverage areas in Northern Virginia to suit your locality and has been offering our services for 15 years now. We’ve trained folks from the ground up, boosted their confidence, and helped the vast majority of first-timers pass their DMV exam. With the tagline “take your safety and the safety of others very seriously,” iDriveNova driving school priority is to keep you up to date on road rules and to equip you with the abilities you’ll need to drive on your own. Our instructors are dedicated to helping students develop the necessary skills and confidence to become safe and responsible drivers. By choosing our online driving courses, you can be confident that you are learning from the best instructors in the industry who are dedicated to equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a competent and responsible driver.

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How iDriveNova Can Help You

Some of the 'other guys' charge extra for features... Not us!
You get it all with one low price and no hidden fees.


Become a Safer Driver

Boost your driving proficiency with expert guidance, interactive lessons, and hands-on practice for a safer and more confident experience.


Dismiss a Citation

Resolve traffic citations effectively through our specialized courses, empowering you to navigate legal requirements and maintain a clean driving record.

Reduce Insurance Points

Reduce Insurance Points

Lower insurance premiums by mastering defensive driving techniques and acquiring the skills needed to minimize points on your driving record.


Obtain a Learner's Permit

Secure your learner's permit efficiently with our comprehensive courses tailored to help you ace the necessary tests and requirements.


5 Star Support

Count on our exceptional 5-star support, providing dedicated assistance and guidance throughout your entire learning journey for driving success.


99% Success Rate!

Achieve your driving goals confidently with our proven track record boasting a remarkable 99% success rate for all learners.


Parent Teen Class Online Course

$ 75

Learn the Best Driving Skills

  • Getting a Learner’s Permit and Teaching Your Teenager to Drive
  • Requirements for a Provisional License and the Graduated Driver License
  • The Developing Teenage Brain and the Risks of Teen Driving
  • Factors to Consider Like Fatigued Driving, Distracted Driving, Drinking and Drugged Driving, Speeding, and Safest Vehicle
  • Interaction with Law Enforcement (Getting Pulled Over and the Move Over Law)
  • The Importance of Parents (Revisited)
  • The Parent-Teen Safe Driving Agreement
  • Final Test
Note : After Registration, Please Pay By VENMO, ZELLE Or Credit Card Then Our DMV Approved Vendor Will Send You The Link To Start This Course. Thanks!!
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Driving Improvement Clinic Online Course

$ 100

Driving Improvement Clinic Online

  • Get five (5) good points on your driving record.
  • Get a ticket DISMISSED or REDUCED in traffic court
  • Get a lower auto insurance premium
  • Prevent license suspension or reinstate license with DMV
  • Traffic court preparation, tips and guidance.
  • Improved knowledge of practical and effective defensive driving strategies
Note : After Registration, Please Pay By VENMO, ZELLE Or Credit Card Then Our DMV Approved Vendor Will Send You The Link To Start This Course. Thanks!!
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Re-Examination Course Three Time Permit Tests Failed Course

$ 185

For those who have failed permit test thrice.

  • $185 for 8 hour reexamination course for permit exam 3 times failed ( All Online)
  • Required by DMV
  • Certificate is issued upon completion
  • The prices may vary by area
  • For all ages.
Note : After Registration, Please Pay By VENMO, ZELLE Or Credit Card Then Our DMV Approved Vendor Will Send You The Link To Start This Course. Thanks!!
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    Teen (Below 18)Adult (Above 18)


    Do You Have Valid Virginia Learner's Permit?


    NOTE : Once you register online then our instructor will call or text you for the schedule. Thanks!!


    For Zelle Send payment to 703 547 7086

    It completely depends on learners' grasping power and learning ability. Our instructors first evaluate your grasping ability, then only estimate the time needed to learn proper driving skills. Being a quality driving school, we do not limit our classes, students can learn the driving skills according to their own pace and speed.

    Yes. We can arrange driving sessions according to your convenience. Just inform us in advance regarding the driving class date and timings, we will arrange it accordingly.

    Yes, Of course. Our sole motto is to train in such a way that you can drive in real life with full confidence. Maybe you require more driving classes than others but you will be an expert driver and rule the road with your driving skills.

    • Schedule your driving sessions at our driving school.
    • Apply for a learner's permit.
    • Complete Driver's Education
    • Complete Behind The Wheel Program
    • Pass DMV Test

    These are the essential steps to earn a driver’s license.

    Not at all. Our driving classes are designed for both. Whether the student is a teen or an adult, we train both of them.

    We completely understand a student’s psychology during practical driving lessons Therefore, we can allow you to bring one person along with you during the on-road driving session.

    Yes. Once you register online, we will contact you for the driving lessons' schedule which is completely flexible.

    We are very serious regarding our students' safety. We consider all required precautions before taking the student for real driving lessons. Our trained instructors educate all safety instructions to the student so that he or she can follow them during the training. Our licensed trainers make sure that you are safe during the training session.

    Yes, we do. Considering students' convenience, we do offer a free pick and drop facility.

    Surely, yes. We provide private lessons for all ages drivers. Just enroll yourself through our website and our experienced instructors will equip you from safe driving skills to developing required skills for a road test at the DMV.

    Keeping students' personal data discrete and secure is one of the topmost priorities of our driving school. We demand your personal information only to keep in compliance with the rules and regulations of the particular area set by the DMV.

    As soon as you register at our website, we can schedule your driving sessions as per your flexible timings.

    If you have any doubt, please contact us either by submitting your query through our websites or by making a simple phone call. We will immediately respond and clear your doubts.

    You can pay us using credit cards (5% extra), checks or venmo.

    You should inform the instructor within twenty-four hours so that we can reschedule your session. But if you are in no contact with us for more than a month, we can cancel your registration without any refund.

    Yes, if you have finished the scheduled driving session of 45 hrs that includes 30 hrs a day + 15 hrs a night, you are eligible for the course.

    Yes! Please inform your instructor in advance so that he can rearrange your schedule at your convenience.

    We try our best to educate the students in a predefined schedule i.e 1 to 2 weeks. But in any case, if you are lacking somewhere, we can increase your classes.

    You can find the information on our website. Go through it. Still have doubts, call us now.

    Yes. Students’ safety is our top priority, our all training vehicles are equipped with required controls on the instructor’s side to offer you a safe driving experience.

    Yes. Your Permit Identification issued by VA can be considered as your license number.

    As soon as you finish your Teen BTW program. You can drive solo confidently.


    Abhishek Masiwal

    One of the best driving school . The instructor is very calm and pleasant. Very much flexible on scheduling. Passed my driving test on the first attempt. Definitely would 100% recommend NOVA. 🙂


    Fair Oaks

    Veni Punia

    I bet this place is awesome


    Fairfax station

    Laila Sharif

    Mr. Farouq is incredibly patient and taught me literally everything I know about driving. Every session is thorough, and you’re taken along multiple different kinds of roads so you gain experience. Classes cover pretty much everything, and I can guarantee you’ll be a much a better driver after your session!


    Fairfax County

    Ashley Tern

    Great instructor and helpful course. The tips allowed me to pass my driving test on the first try. Highly recommend!



    Valencia Scott

    Respectful and punctual. My daughter had a great experience driving with this company. Nitan was very kind and shared great driving tips with my teen.



    Hanna Solomon

    Thanks for your time I know that I made a lot of mistakes I hope I will be a good driver in the future thanks again.


    Dale city

    DOES iDriveNova OFFER?

    • The iDriveNova Driving School Improvement Clinic Online Course offers numerous benefits for individuals looking to enhance their driving skills and improve their driving record. Participants can expect ticket dismissal or reduction by gaining essential knowledge of traffic laws, courtroom procedures, and effective defence strategies. Completion of the course can also lead to lower auto insurance premiums as it demonstrates a commitment to safe driving practices and reduces the risk of accidents. The program provides valuable guidance for those facing potential licence suspension or seeking to reinstate a suspended licence, helping participants minimise the risk of suspension and navigate the reinstatement process with the DMV. By learning to anticipate and respond to hazards, make safer driving decisions, and develop heightened awareness, participants contribute to a safer driving experience for themselves and others on the road.

    • If you've failed the knowledge exam three times, you won't be allowed to attempt it a fourth time until you pass a classroom component of driver education. There's an 8-hour course based on the Virginia Driver’s Manual, endorsed by DMV, designed specifically for this requirement. This course is provided by driver training schools. Below are the requirements based on your age: If you're 18 or older, you can complete a course based on the Virginia Driver’s Manual. After failing the knowledge exam three times, once you finish this course and present the completion certificate to DMV, you can retake the knowledge exam. If you're under 18, you can take the Virginia Driver’s Manual course only if you've already completed the classroom component of driver education. Before enrolling in this course, you must show your driver education completion certificate to the driver training school offering the manual course. Once completed and you provide the certificate of completion to DMV, you'll be eligible to retake the knowledge exam.

    Teenagers Driving License

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Don't let a previous setback stop you from regaining your driving privileges by fixing your session with online driving classes. Enrol in our Re-Examination Course or the Driving Improvement Clinic Online Course today and embark on a journey towards becoming a confident and responsible driver. Trust iDriveNova Driving School to help you succeed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Each state has a different requirement on how often you are allowed to take a defensive driving class for point reduction, insurance discount and ticket dismissal. During registration, we’ll tell you how often you’re permitted to take the course you select.
    DriveSafeToday.com is accepted nationwide to provide defensive driving classes in a number of state and local agencies (DMV’s and Courts). During registration, we’ll inform you if the course is accepted in your state or local jurisdiction.
    We provide the learner's permit course and exam for Florida which is approved by the Florida DMV.
    No. You can take the course from any computer, any time of day and log on and off as many times as you want. The course is designed to resume from the exact spot where you left off. You no longer have to worry about fitting a defensive driving class and traffic school into your busy schedule. For the Florida DHSMV Permit Exam, you are required to complete that in one sitting as the exam is timed.
    The certificate of completion will be available for download and emailed to you immediately after course completion (California excluded - you will receive a completion receipt immediately for California. However, your completion record will be submitted by DriveSafeToday.com to the DMV electronically. Missouri is also excluded - the certificate will be mailed to your registered address via USPS mail for Missouri). For other states you may also request an official copy of the certificate mailed to you via USPS mail. To request a certificate mailed to you, log back into your account and click on the Certificates link.
    We submit the certificate only to the DMV for most states. We will advise you of this during the certificate submission instructions provided to you at the end of the course. For California students: once the DMV receives your completion record from DriveSafeToday.com electronically, the DMV will notify the court. We do not submit certificates to the court - it is your responsibility to do so if required. For instructions on how to submit your certificate to the court, contact the court clerk prior to registration.
    Absolutely! You can select a course, create an account and test-drive it for free! We're confident you'll love our courses.
    If prior to starting a final exam you’re not satisfied, simply click Cancel Course from your My Account page. If you paid by credit card, we’ll provide a refund to the credit card you used to pay for the course.

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